July 7, 2016
<span class="ee-status event-active-status-DTE">Expired</span>Mobile Marketing Tips for Marijuana Businesses July

ExpiredMobile Marketing Tips for Marijuana Businesses July

Free Webinar: Mobile Marketing Tips  for Marijuana Businesses. (July 27th at 1:00 PM MST) 

Today’s marijuana business market is competitive and driven by online searches. In Colorado, Over 65-70% of all Google searches for marijuana businesses come from smart phones. Learn how to tap into the massive amount of local searches for cannabis businesses.

 Key topics presented will be the very latest in local social media marketing, marijuana mobile marketing tips, and the importance of local online directories. Tips and tools on how to keep your local marketing citations accurate will also be covered. Finally, we will discuss how to develop a successful mobile marketing plan.

Bill Mitchell has spoken at over 200 national and international Internet marketing conferences. He has over 15 years experience in the Internet marketing arena. As a former educator, Bill is a pro at delivering lively and entertaining seminars. Time will also be allotted for Q & A.