The legalization of marijuana has created a booming industry that is still rapidly growing. As it continues to mature, the need for marijuana-related businesses to find outstanding, high quality employees has become a necessity. The stereotypical stoner is not going to cut it in this fast-moving industry. Your customers not only want, but demand to purchase their products from savvy, skilled and qualified people who are also service-oriented. Finding the right people to help your marijuana business grow can prove to be challenging.

Vangst Talent Network, formerly Gradujuana, is hosting the second annual cannabis career fair right here in Denver.  This year’s cannabis career fair will be held on July Thursday, July 28 from 2pm-8pm at 2027 Old West Colfax Ave in Denver and will have more than 50 cannabis companies seeking to bring on board top-notch employees who will help set their businesses apart from the crowd.  With over 1,000 positions to be filled at the fair, this is a great opportunity for businesses to find the long-term help they need and deserve quickly.

In the high-demand marijuana industry, high quality products may not be enough to sustain a budding industry alone. Having the right people on your team will make all of the difference in the world. Your team needs to represent you as the business owner and portray your business in the best light possible. This applies to all team members and partners from the behind-the-scenes staff to those who greet your individual clients. Supporting your business with experts in their field will help set your business apart from your competitor down the street.

Aside from seeking knowledgeable team members, the career fair will also help you determine if candidates have qualifying service-oriented skills. Your employees will need to be able to interact with the public in most cases and interact well. Clients seeking individualized services from your marijuana business will want to receive service that is appropriate and suits their needs.

Since this isn’t a one-size-fits-all industry, make sure your business doesn’t get labeled as one that does not differentiate from one customer to the next. When your competition a few doors down provides a better personalized experience than you do, your business loses. The adage of “if you build it, they will come” will no longer be effective for marijuana businesses that want to grow up with their plants. Taking your marijuana business to the next level will and setting your brand apart from the rest requires a strong focus on providing quality products and quality people.