Marijuana Social Marketing & Online Reputation Managment

Marijuana Social Media Marketing

Marijuana branding has different social media rules than other industries. Don’t get banned from Facebook and Instagram because you don’t know the marijuana social media marketing rules. Digital 303 stays on top of all the ever changing marketing rules for marijuana businesses. Digital 303 will post, monitor, comment, and make sure that ALL your social media channels gain more raving fans.

Digital 303 always follow industry best practices,  for cannabis social media marketing. We will post consistently to all your social media accounts each week. We also can monitor and respond, to customer comments. It is important to monitor your online reputation. Digital 303 does that for you! We will also advise your staff on what is not recommended. 




People process pictures 20 thousand times faster than words. Instagram is a perfect cannabis social media platform that lets users upload photos and video. Video posts on Instagram get 300 percent more engagement than photos. Digital 303 can post to your Instagram account for you. We also can advise your team on Instagram best practices.


Marijuana social media channels have different rules for cannabis branding. If you do not follow the rules on Facebook, or Instagram, your cannabis business will be banned. Don’t run the risk of losing your social media accounts. Digital 303 is aware of all social media rules for marijuana businesses. We will help you post to Facebook the right way. We also review, and respond, to customer comments. We can also integrate your local events with your Facebook events page. Let your fans know the news in real-time.


Twitter is a very popular social media platform for cannabis. Many cannabis businesses communicate with their customers via Twitter. Digital 303 posts to Twitter for our clients. We focus on growing customer engagement, and gaining more followers.


Google Plus does not have as many followers as Facebook. However, most of the followers on Google Plus are people who have more disposable income. And, older people. People over the age of 50, and people with disabilities, account for 57 percent of all Internet users. Google Plus posts are similar to Facebook posts. Digital 303 specializes in Google Plus.


We are here to help.