1. They have very little previous experience in actual Internet marketing. Everywhere you turn there are new marijuana marketing agencies popping up.  They are typically younger people who are fresh out of college, or people trying to make the jump into the industry, because they think it is lucrative. Be wary of companies that are boastful, loud, or who make ridiculous promises. If Internet marketing were easy, every website would be on the first page of Google. Choose an experienced Internet marketing agency that has had success in previous industries. Cannabis marketing experience matters, but previous success is crucial when selecting a marketing partner.

  2. They don’t specialize in SEO. It is amazing how many cannabis-marketing agencies are trying to produce fancy videos, and TV ads. Yet… they fail to apply basic SEO elements to their own site, or to their customer websites. SEO is still the number one way to gain new business in the marijuana industry. However, very few marijuana websites are optimized for the insane number of daily Google searches for marijuana products. SEO takes time, and it requires scientific research, with artistic writing skills. Good SEO is the gift that keeps on giving. Pick an online marketing agency that excels at SEO and has many years of experience doing it. SEO is the number one thing marijuana businesses can tap into today to ensure long-term success.

  3. They suck at content writing. There is a difference between engaging content, and content just to fill pages. The best Internet marketing agencies employ full time, highly educated, and skillful content writers. Google places a huge amount of value on engaging website content, social media content, and blog posts that are educational and engaging. The best content comes from first researching what the demand is for a certain topic, reading existing articles on the subject, and then posting about an industry topic that is popular online. A great tool for seeing which topics are hot is BuzzSumo. This website allows you to see what is really worth writing about. It doesn’t matter how good your article is if no one reads or shares it. The better your website content the higher your website will rank in Google. Blog articles also get indexed in Google much quicker than other content. Make sure social media content, website content, and blog articles are fresh, original, and optimized for Google searches.

  1. They are not talented at graphic design. One trend that has hurt website creativity is the movement to make all websites responsive. Google likes for your website to work on larger computer screens and also on all mobile devices (responsive design). While this is very important, many creative elements of website design are giving way to simple template websites that all look alike. There is nothing wrong with a WordPress template for your website. However, only skilled website designers can make your template look original. In addition, in-house graphic designers will help marijuana businesses create creative ads, logos, and print materials, etc. Make sure the marketing company you choose can handle your artistic graphic design needs in-house.

  1. They are not on top of current best practices for marijuana businesses.  Google is constantly changing how websites are indexed and ranked. They are also frequently consolidating their local business listings. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have very restrictive policies on marketing marijuana on their sites. There have been many marijuana business accounts removed from Instagram in the past six months. If your marketing agency has your back, they will guide you toward what you can do, and help you avoid nasty legal conflicts.  They will also keep up on all the latest online marketing trends.

When it comes to marijuana business marketing you get out of it what you put into it. The Internet is virgin territory for marijuana businesses. Google search volume is off the hook for marijuana related terms. Don’t neglect your website design, and SEO. Consumers see many cool websites every day. Make sure yours is one of them. Hire an experienced website design, and online marketing agency that does ALL the work they promise. If they tell you SEO doesn’t matter anymore you will know not to hire them. If they write killer content you will know by the engagement you get on your social media channels. Finally, use Google Analytics to monitor your website performance weekly. Check out more marketing tips here.

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