Marijuana business marketing is more challenging due to complicated Federal laws and restrictive polices by Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others. It is crucial to select an experienced digital marketing agency that can guide you through the online opportunities, while protecting you from potential legal pitfalls. Here are 7 tips to hire the best online marketing agency for your marijuana business.

Digital 303 tips for hiring a good Internet marketing agency:

  1. Pick a company that specializes in the cannabis industry, who is also experienced in general Internet marketing. There has been a recent wave of new businesses that claim to be “marijuana marketing experts.” These companies usually have very little experience. They don’t really focus on key Internet marketing such as search engine optimization, website design, and killer content writing. Nothing beats proven success in related Internet marketing industries.

  1. Hire an agency that knows the do’s and don’ts for marijuana business marketing. Google does not allow marijuana businesses to participate in Google Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC). If you set up PPC ads, Google will find you, and potentially ban your domain name. Facebook does not allow any paid advertising (boosting posts) for cannabis businesses. Instagram has also been banning numerous marijuana business accounts. It is important to note that Instagram does not allow marketing of specific marijuana products. Instagram indexes millions of photos every day. Just because you have been doing it in the past, does not mean you are not at risk to have your business banned by Instagram. You can still have effective social media marketing accounts on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Instagram. Just play by their rules so your business is not banned.

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO) still matters! Hire an Internet marketing agency that knows how to do proper search engine optimization of your website and blogs. SEO is the number one tool for marijuana businesses to tap into the insane number of daily searches in Google, for marijuana business products. The sad reality is that few marijuana businesses have proper optimization. Most online marketing companies are not sound in their SEO techniques. Google is very specific about what it requires to index and rank your website. It is amazing how many Internet marketing companies have poor SEO on their own website.

  2. Avoid aggressive and boastful companies. Any Internet marketing company that promises they can deliver a number one position in Google overnight is a red flag. Unless these companies own Google, their claims for guaranteed results speak false. NOTE: Pushy and aggressive Internet marketing companies make bad business partners.

  3. Content is still king. Google is placing more emphasis on good quality website content and blog articles than ever. Make sure your Internet marketing company has high quality content writers who know how to write winning website content, blog articles, and social media posts. The best companies have a specific strategy for website content marketing. Make sure you see examples of their content writing.

  4. Check the work once you hire someone. Set a specific time, at least once a month, to speak with your Internet marketing account manager. Ask for written summaries of all work completed and what is scheduled for the next month. Compare this information to what was done the previous month. If your company cannot provide detailed reports and analysis, chances are they are not organized and effective. Google Analytics does not lie. Don’t just take your Internet marketing companies word for how your account is doing.

  1. Make sure your Internet marketing company does not outsource important work. You don’t want to have your SEO outsourced to some third party company. Make sure you ask about outsourcing, and areas of expertise, when selecting an Internet marketing company.

It is a challenge to find a top-shelf Internet marketing firm. The best companies track your account progress with Google Analytics and other SEO tools. Make sure you ask to see what work has been done, and how that has impacted your search engine rankings. Look for a company that is also willing to educate you as needed. Make sure your Internet marketing company has these 7 attributes and you should be in good hands.

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