Amsterdam Cannabis Cup Passes the Pipe to Denver and Seattle

The Cannabis Cup is a 28-year tradition in Amsterdam, but the infamous marijuana competition jumped over the pond in 2012 and took root in Colorado and Washington. The legalization of recreational marijuana in 2013 turned the previously medical-only convention into a contest all adults can enjoy.

The first Cannabis Cup took place in Amsterdam in 1987. Four seed companies submitted their finest product and three judges made the final decision. As the decades passed, three judges turned to six then celebrity judges were added to the mix. Bands like Slightly Stoopid and 311 were just a few to perform at the annual contest.

Denver held the first fully legal Cannabis Cup in 2013. 10,000 marijuana enthusiasts flooded in to see booths lining the walls and taste the free samples. Dispensaries and growers handed out bong hits, hash, dabs and edibles to the eager crowds. The two-day event went off without any serious problems, giving way for its 2014 return with over 40,000 attendees. The second completely legal Cannabis Cup in the United States held in Seattle, Washington last weekend.

The Digital 303 sales team recently travelled to Seattle to attend the latest Cannabis Cup. On Saturday September 6th and 7th,  thousands poured into Comcast Arena in Seattle. Vendors lined the arena with samples to try and glass to buy while sharing trade secrets on the budding industry. Seminars were sprinkled in with the hash and edible samples and a concert, featuring the Wailers, helped kick off the celebration Saturday night. The Digital 303 sales team met with over 100 vendors and learned a lot about this exciting revolution. We look forward to meeting with more businesses as we attend future Cannabis Cup events.

The Cannabis Cup has travelled a long way since 1987 and so has marijuana advocacy. The celebration will only grow in coming years with recreational legalization creating a new market for competitors across the country. Stoners everywhere have another holiday to look forward to each year. The Cannabis Cup has joined the likes of 420 as a sacred festival for the smoker-friendly.