The executive team at Digital 303 had the pleasure of touring the new Dixie Elixirs headquarters on Nov. 8, 2014. Digital 303 CEO, Bill Mitchell, and his team got a personal tour by CEO and founder Tripp Keber. Keber is an energetic entrepreneur, who is changing how the world views the marijuana industry. He has been called, “The Willy Wonka of Weed.” However, he strongly prefers using the word Cannabis whenever someone mentions his industry.

“While some call him the Willy Wonka of Weed, he reminds me of Mark Cuban. Both in his physical appearance, and his passion for business, his competitiveness, and industry vision,” said Digital 303 CEO Bill Mitchell. Keber is passionate, driven, and approachable. He pridefully, and personally, guides thousands of people through his new state of the art facility, that opened in September of 2014. You can see into every room as Keber tells you about the technology, and their transparent production process. Dixie Elixirs wants everything to be out in the open. The goal is for law enforcement, media, and other visitors, to be better educated about how responsible marijuana edibles are produced.

Dixie Elixirs is the industry standard for what a successful marijuana edible factory should look like. What began five years ago in a 400 sq. foot shed, with only two employees, has grown into one of the most successful marijuana companies in the country. Dixie Elixirs now houses the largest cannabis vault in Colorado and is a model business for other dispensaries.

“We’re really building the plane as we fly it,” said Keber. The marijuana industry was uncharted when he started the Denver-based company and over the years he has advocated for legalization. Dixie Elixirs has been featured on 60 minutes, HBO, many prime-time news interviews, and the X Games. Keber is even involved in the wildly popular new marijuana social media website, Mass Roots.

From adult beverages to mints and chocolate truffles, Dixie Elixirs has a product for everyone. They have perfected the art of the marijuana edible and offer a variety of THC options for both recreational users and medical cardholders. Dixie Elixirs doesn’t just offer edibles though. A range of relief topicals such as balm, lotion and massage oil are available as well.

Their newest product is the Dixie One, a single use 5mg adult beverage that comes in several flavors and is ideal for recreational users. For many edibles it’s difficult to know exactly how much to consume to get the desired effect. Dixie One eliminates that problem. As more older consumers become interested in Marijuana edibles, it is important to have standardized low-dose options available. Keber noted that the new Dixie One line was a huge hit with consumers. It is outselling their higher dose options at a rate of 3 to 1!

Tripp Keber and CMO Joe Hodas skillfully manage a superstar team. They are continually growing their business, investing in new technologies, and implementing innovative ways to keep up with demand. Their goal is for a customer to walk into any dispensary in the country and be able to find their trusted brand of edibles. In the coming year Dixie Elixirs will be announcing plans to expand their operations in multiple other states. Digital 303 is excited to see what “The Willy Wonka of Cannabis” dreams up next.