As the Cannabis industry grows, so can its services. With an almost constant presence in the news, it is important to keep your marijuana business competitive and relevant. Evolving with the industry is a must for any marijuana business. Legal weed has proven to be the opportunity of a lifetime for lots of entrepreneurs, but what is next for the industry? One potentially budding change in the industry is home delivery. Is weed delivery the future of the cannabis industry?

While there are delivery services out there – some coined as the “Uber” of marijuana, many of these services are actually illegal in many jurisdictions. Early last year, a Washington state House bill created a pilot program for a legal marijuana home delivery service, but it didn’t fly.

California currently allows medical marijuana delivery to the homes of qualified patients and companies like have been delivering to a limited service area in which cities and counties have not prohibited it by local ordinance.

As of this month, a New York medical marijuana provider says it will begin home delivery to severely ill patients in the NYC area. Vireo Health of New York has received approval from state health officials for home deliveries in New York City, Westchester County and Long Island. Vireo Health provides medical marijuana to patients with qualifying conditions such as cancer and MS. Deliveries are intended for patients who are too ill to make it to a dispensary to get their meds.

In Colorado, House bill HB 16-1211 allowing Marijuana Transporter Licenses goes into effect July 1, 2017. The bill allows a person or entity to apply for a license to transport medical marijuana and allows a person or entity to apply for a license to transport retail marijuana. The licensed transporter can do just that – transport the specified marijuana and marijuana infused products to a licensed delivery point. While this isn’t exactly home delivery, it could be a starting point for the state.

Could home delivery become the latest innovation in the marijuana industry? The need and desire seems to be there and perhaps this will one day become standard operation in cannabis industry. When and if it does, will your cannabis business have a plan to take this on? Stay tuned as it seems this could be something your customers will look for in the future.