Tuesday, November 4, 2014 is an exciting and groundbreaking day in the push to legalize marijuana. Oregon and Alaska are voting on whether to legalize recreational marijuana. The state of Florida is voting on legalizing medical marijuana. However, the votes might be close and some measures may not pass. This will be a very interesting test of what Americans think of how things have gone in Colorado, the first state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Things have gone surprisingly smooth in Colorado. The state collected 18.9 percent in recreational tax revenue from January through June 2014. Most of that money is going to local tax projects. In addition, there has not been any widespread problems with crime, arrests for driving under the influence of marijuana or other predicted problems. Overall, the process to legalize recreational marijuana in Colorado has gone very well.

Other states are also moving swiftly to decriminalize marijuana possession. The District of Columbia (Washington, DC) is voting to allow residents to legally possess a small amount of marijuana. However, the vote does not include a measure to allow retail sales of marijuana.

If these many votes are successful, these states will still need some time to pass laws and regulations regarding how to move forward. Regardless, of how long it takes, this is an exciting time for those who have fought to legalize marijuana in the United States.

This article has the latest on states considering marijuana law changes: