Marijuana today is not the same as the three finger bag you bought from that dude in high school in the 70s. The high is completely different and there are more choices than your teenage self could have imagined. The baby boomer generation is one of the fastest growing demographics in marijuana consumption, so what should you expect when you visit a Denver recreational dispensary?

Before you can choose the perfect strain or edible (regardless of your age) you have to show your ID. Most dispensaries in Denver don’t keep a log of customers, so you will most likely flash your ID and be waved in to begin your shopping. The dispensaries that do keep a customer list use it to keep track of the traffic in and out of the store on any given day. This list is discarded every few weeks or months.  

When you reach the cannabis counter the staff behind the register will explain their specials. Ask a lot of questions. Cannabis is carefully crafted these days to target specific medical conditions and effects. Each strain is created for a purpose. Some kinds of marijuana are designed to prevent munchies, or created to heighten a night out. The strengths and combinations of sativa and indica also vary. Each recreational dispensary in Denver has a plethora to choose from, and by asking the questions nagging you in the back of your head, you are more likely to leave satisfied with your purchase.

Asking questions is especially important when it comes to edibles. Remember, you can always eat more, but you can never eat less. Tell the budtender what’s ailing you, and remember you don’t need a medical marijuana card to use cannabis for your aches and pains. The effects of marijuana will be the same, whether used recreationally or medically. The staff will be able to tell you which edible will fit your needs best, but only if you ask!

Come prepared to pay in cash. Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, which prevents Denver dispensaries from creating bank accounts. Often, ATMs are located inside (or close by) many medical and recreational dispensaries.  Prices also vary depending on whether or not you are a Colorado resident.

Clearly, the game has changed a lot since the 70’s and since Colorado legalized marijuana.  Whatever you smoked decades ago is not what you’re going to get at a dispensary. Baby boomers are retiring every day, and quite a few are choosing to relocate to Colorado for the cannabis. Be prepared to show your ID, ask many (many) questions, and remember to bring cash. Enjoy!