Marijuana business marketing is a budding industry, but federal law prevents cannabis companies from soliciting customers on social media, and in some states, email. Instagram has been cracking down on marijuana dispensaries, manufacturers, and users. Social media moguls are taking an unexpected stance on legalization.  

Dispensary owners have been shocked to find that their Instagram accounts have been removed causing them to lose valuable links to customers and 1000s of followers. The issue centers on business images that promote the sales of marijuana items. Dispensaries in Denver (and other legalized cities and states) need to be wary of their social media marketing posts. Marijuana companies that thought they were complying with social media laws are being blacklisted. Causing them to lose customers and valuable social media branding.

Instagram isn’t the only social media outlet on a rampage. Facebook doesn’t allow post “boosts” for marijuana dispensaries. Google’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) won’t run an ad for any sort of cannabis business; and the Apple App Store is pushing away marijuana apps that are not medically oriented. These limitations aren’t likely to change any time soon, even if the CARERS Act goes through. When (not if) marijuana is legalized it will be added to the no-advertising list with Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

What marijuana business marketing is allowed?

Marijuana businesses can still create a business account on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Just be wary about excessive special offer posts, deals, etc. But you can continue to share the latest news stories on medical marijuana, some specials, and funny memes to show your sense of humor. Remember you are NOT allowed to pay for any added views or post “boosts.”  Although, Twitter hasn’t had any qualms about accepting marijuana promoted tweets.

There are thousands of people searching on Google for marijuana information every day. Very few marijuana businesses are properly optimized for Google’s huge organic search volume. Hire a professional SEO firm to help make your website more visible for the recreational or medical dispensaries terms. It also goes without saying that marijuana businesses should have responsive and creative website designs. Websites are still the number one way that people will view your business.

MassRoots is a fantastic social media site that is solely dedicated to the cannabis lifestyle. This social media site was designed to give users an outlet to share everything marijuana without having to worry who will see it. With a MassRoots account you can post all of your specials, and store details without any sort of legal issues to worry about.

Marijuana marketing is more than social media, and cool swag, and even those shouldn’t be done in house. Get a professional marketing company with knowledge of the advertising laws to help you avoid being blacklisted, and bump you above other dispensaries in a search. Marketing companies like Digital 303 are well versed in social media best practices for marijuana businesses.

Denver dispensaries are getting creative with their marketing efforts outside of the web (like funding events and sponsoring clean up projects on highways) to get their name in the public eye. But we live in the digital age where most people are Googling “Denver dispensaries,” to find the best store. 

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