Marketing your marijuana business on social media isn’t as simple as posting or sharing. What you say is important, but no one will read your posts if you don’t have the right accounts, and audience. 

1. You don’t have a Facebook Business Page

If your Facebook page has the option for a client to “friend” you, it’s not a business page. A business page is connected to your account, and only has the option to “like” your company. Facebook is constantly adding new improvements on their business fan pages. Clients can write you a great review, and even buy your products through these new benefits. If you don’t have a business page, get one!  Also make sure your social media business graphic has your phone number and website address displayed prominently.

2. You don’t have a Google Plus Business Page

Google Plus may not have as many users as Facebook. However, it is still very important to have a Google Plus Business page. Google ties all it’s products together. For example, your Google My Business Listing work in harmony with your Google Plus page, and Google reviews. You can post the same content on Google Plus as you do Facebook. Prospective customers won’t search Facebook to find you, they’re going to ask Google, and Google won’t have you at the top without a Google Plus profile, Google Local Listing, and numerous positive Google Reviews. Get a Google Plus Business page, and load it with your business hours, address, phone, and ask for reviews. Google reviews are even better than any other reviews sites. (Google uses them in smart phone local listing searches). Don’t forget to load up on Google offerings. They exist for a reason.

3. You’re focusing on too many Social Media sites

When you begin the undertaking of managing your own social media marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many options. Start with Facebook and Google Plus, when you think you’ve got it under control then you can start in on Twitter and Instagram. It is more important to post every day, respond to likes and comments, than to post infrequently in many social media sites. If you have limited time just post to Facebook and Google Plus.

Running a company and managing the content marketing is a juggling act. When you feel like you’re dropping the ball by spreading yourself too thin, let us step in and make your life easier. We can set it up for you, and post on your behalf, allowing you to enjoy your success instead of being buried by the little things.

Can’t keep up with your social media accounts? Digital 303 has a team of cannabis business social media marketing experts. Let us create special branding for your social media accounts, post for you daily, and grow your engagement from social media posts. Call 800-420-9694 for more information.

There are also legal issues to remember when marketing a marijuana company. Click here for more information on the Dos and Don’ts.