57 percent of all people who use the Internet are over the age of 50, or have a physical disability. This is a large, although mostly untapped, marketing opportunity for Cannabis businesses. Older customers, and women, are increasingly turning to medical marijuana for pain relief and other reasons. Marijuana use by women is increasing rapidly. Women love marijuana!

Women now represent over 35 percent of the medical market in Colorado. (Up from 28.5 percent six years ago). The average age of female medical marijuana patients has also risen to 45 years old. (Up from 39 six years ago). The average male customer is 41. It is clear that older customers, women, and people with medical issues are a huge cannabis marketing opportunity.

The reasons why women love marijuana are varied. Some just want a product to relax them at night and help them to sleep better. Others use medical marijuana to reduce pain. There are also a lot of medical marijuana edible manufactures that are starting to sell lip balm, creams, and other products that are specifically designed for women.

There is also recent research that shows that cannabis medical patients are choosing cannabis instead of traditional prescription drugs. A survey of 473 adult therapeutic cannabis users found that 87% of respondents gave up prescription medications, alcohol, or other drugs in favor of cannabis. Women are often looking for more natural pain relief options. This is not lost upon the cannabis industry.

Cannabis businesses should make sure that they are considering the needs of women. Women are less likely to visit a dispensary than a man. Make sure your staff and store layout is female friendly. No crude posters on the walls please. Have diversity in your staff. Women are often more comfortable discussing a medical issue with another woman. Make sure you offer products that women appeal appeal specifically to women. Finally, educate all of your customers on the medical benefits of topicals, patches, and other pain relieving products.

Women are also very politically active within the marijuana industry. Women in Colorado were instrumental in the crafting and implementation of the legalization measure amendment. There are countless, nameless, women who influential the passage of similar measures in Washington, and elsewhere.


Women play a huge role in influencing family spending habits. Make sure your medical dispensary store is a clean, welcoming place. Also realize that older customers are not as into social media as much as younger people are. They are more likely to visit your website and check out online reviews of your business. It is important to manage your online reputation and make sure your website is older generation friendly. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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