Cannabis practically sells its self. The problem is, you’re not the only one selling it. Prospective customers want to see your product. They want to see your store, and they want to see your staff.

Your cannabis website is still the number one tool to showcase your business online.  Having a well designed website is key when potential customers are evaluating your business. Make sure your website is responsive (works on desktop and mobile devices), and that you have great photos and video to entice people to visit your location.

Professional website photography will showcase how your store is different from the others in your area. Each dispensary has some sort of specialty strain or edible. Having a professional take outstanding photos of your signature product will allow you to post it on Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, and whatever other social media sites you’re using. Your followers will remember that photo when they come into the store, and be more likely to buy it.  People are very visual so having a photo gallery on your website is also important.

YouTube is the 3rd most visited website on the Internet. We live in YouTube nation. There’s a video for everything. Your dispensary should have a custom YouTube business channel. Everyday you get customers with a dozen questions on what to try, and how it will affect them. Want to get your customers excited to come in and try your products? Having a variety of videos that detail what you offer and recommend on social media (and your website) will bring more cannabis customers in the door. Having a video playing in your waiting room would also be a great way to keep your customer’s thoughts on your specific dispensary, and not just cannabis.  Also make sure you have a video or two that describes how your business is unique. You should have videos on your website, within your blog, and on your social media accounts.

Keeping up to date with your photography and video will continue to grow your cannabis customer base. Take some time to think about what makes you different, and what cannabis consumers want to know, then have a professional get your products in the public eye with photography and video.

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