Your marijuana marketing strategy may already include video content for your audience to see in addition to other content formats that you are putting out there. If it doesn’t, then you really need to rethink your strategy. Providing video content to your community is imperative to those marijuana businesses that want to expand their reach, which let’s face it, every marijuana business wants to expand their reach. Here are 5 reasons your marijuana business needs video today.

  1. Video Draws

If content is King, then video content is Godly. Video is expected to account for 74% of all online traffic this year. According to MWP, 55% of people online watch videos daily. This number is only expected to grow. These are huge slices of the content pie! If you are not using video to reach your community, you are dumping more than pie in the trash.

  1. YouTube is Hot

YouTube is now the second most searched website on the internet and has more than a billion users. Google indexes video as well which also helps increase your opportunities to be found on the internet. This indexing is being done at a faster rate for video than traditional websites. Your video content can drive traffic to your website. This traffic can get there faster than ever before and might have otherwise been missed.  If your story isn’t on YouTube, then where is it?

  1. Age of Educated Consumers

Consumers today are probably savvier than ever before. Educating themselves before making a purchase has become a vital part of the consumer journey.  An educational video about a product or service on your landing page is a highly effective method for providing the consumer with what they want and is said to have the ability to be quite impactful on sales. In a survey conducted by Wyzowl, 74% of those surveyed watched an educational video about a product or service and then went on to make a purchase. The bottom line: as a marijuana business owner, it is your duty to meet the needs of your consumers. If you can’t provide that to them, then your competitor will.

  1. Social Media

Video is perfect for social media channels because it is content that is easily shared and we know that people sure like to share things on social media. 70% of survey participants have shared a brand’s video on their social media channels. That means your community will spread the word and do the work for you if your video content strikes a chord. Video mixed with social media is the new word of mouth.

  1. Establish Your Image

Professional video content helps businesses establish their brand and authenticate their authority in the marketplace. Grow your client trust and awareness with strategic video content to help your marijuana business thrive.  A word of caution however, is to be careful in how you send your message to the world. Video is not always best suited as a DIY project because it can lack professionalism and technical know-how. Get the help of a reputable professional so that your marijuana business’ story is told well.