Social media marketing is about much more than posting. What kind of content are you sharing? Are you writing your own? Are you getting enough engagement for the time you’ve put in? You want your audience to be as big as possible and that starts with creating a strategy, and altering what isn’t working. The most important parts of your Facebook Business page are the content, and posting time.

If you don’t find it interesting, your target market won’t either. Your Facebook posts need to vary day to day. Don’t share articles, and blogs with the sole intent of bringing in business. The social media crowd wants you to sound human.

Everyone loves a good meme or video. Memes and videos bring in more engagement than any other type of post. Videos especially do up to 75% better than written posts. When you implement a good daily strategy for your Facebook page, you’ll be able to tell the difference quickly. Likes, comments, and shares are going to spike with changing the type and the time of posts.

You have to experiment with your posting times, and pay attention to your page insights to see what’s working. Most Facebook users check their profiles at the end of the workday around 3pm, but for some it’s the first thing they reach for in the morning with their coffee. The best time to post Monday through Wednesday is between 1pm and 4 pm. The end of the workweek is when the social media crowd gets bored at the workplace and searches their newsfeed for entertainment. For Facebook, this means Thursdays and Fridays (4pm-6pm) are the best days for your business to see the most traffic. Weekends at noon, are a primetime also.

Make sure your business page is fully optimized. Before you can create a strategy, you have to make sure your company information is thoroughly filled out. Your website, location, hours, and company motto should be listed under the about section. Post pictures of your company and your logo should appear in your banner photo or profile picture. It’s not a bad idea to tag some of your employees, and give customers incentives to write you a Facebook review. (Google reviews are the most important, so push those first.)

The type of content you post on Facebook is either going to help or hurt you. It’s not always better to share than to not share. The day of the week, and the time of day are important to your strategy. Pay close attention to your Facebook insights to make sure your social media marketing is getting the most engagement possible. Check in next week, to learn more about making your Instagram more awesome.